Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

First of all, we will not be bamboozled into military invasion and conflict. Africa's most powerful nation - South Africa - is next door and will never allow a fellow Southern African nation to be invaded by foreign powers. Secondly, the activities of the likes of Wouter Basson, The Portuguese Secret Service and the Rhodesian Special Branch are well-known; there is no need to go over their hideous activities here.

Now, back to the cholera problem. Zimbabwe, other African countries and all entities that subscribe to African civilisation are ultimately responsible for their own destinies. Yes, the British, Americans, French, and even the Portuguese have always had vicious designs on Africa. That's to be expected, and we need to deal with that reality. In the Darwinian jungle out there, the strong will always prey on the weak.

The Zimbabwean Health Minister, David Parirenyatwa, stated that a lack of cleaning chemicals for Zimbabwe's municipal water supplies, had led to outbreaks of cholera. This fact is plain and simple. Outbreaks of cholera had absolutely nothing to do with the British, although the British have used the cholera outbreak to further their own machinations in zimbabwe. This was simply a failure of local governance. By African standards Zimbabwe is not a poor country. We have an electricity distribution network that is supposed to deliver electric power to urban areas, and yet - due to a lack of electricity generation - whole ares go without power for hours, even days. Most of our urban areas are connected to sewage systems, and yet we've now had an horrific occurrence of cholera. All these problems are not the problems of the British; we brought these problems on ourselves.

Ultimately, all countries are responsible for their own destinies. To blame the British is to implicitly acknowledge the British as the providers of the solutions to all of our problems. BUT NO! DAMMIT! THAT CANNOT BE! The British have their own problems. We Zimbabweans are an independent nation and are heirs to a proud, African civilisation. We will solve our problems in our own way. We must excuse President Mugabe for blaming the British; he's now an old man of 85, and has a weak grasp of reality.

A country's internal problems will be multiplied by external machinations, if a nation's rulers fail to tackle a nation's urgent problems. Chairman Mao, said the same thing in his treatise "On Contradiction". This is what he said, " ............external causes become operative through internal causes. The fundamental cause of the development of a thing is not external, but internal. Furthermore, social development is due chiefly not to external, but to internal causes."

I hope I answered your queries.
James Chikonamombe