Sunday, May 20, 2012

Didier Drogba's Ridiculous Hairstyle

I don't usually blog about fashion or hairstyles, but I had to put this one out for one of my pet-peeves. This peeve is to do with Didier Drogba's contemptuous and out-dated "straight-perm" hairstyle. For how long is he going to stick with a hairstyle that went out of fashion circa 1992? It's totally unbecoming for a public-figure of his stature to be sporting such a ridiculous hairstyle in this day and age.

Let me digress a little here, and confess that I too once sported a "soft-perm" in my youth. Going to Harare clubs like Rumours, Bretts and Archipelagos, I had to follow the fashionable trends of my suburban peers and get my hair done like everyone else. But that was in 1989 when perming one's hair was all the rage. Though, I must admit that keeping one's hair greased was a hellish, financial burden. Finding the money to buy hair-food (like "TCB" and "Kubi") was a job in itself. In fact, some of my (poorer) peers took to applying cooking-oil to keep the grease in their perms !

Now, back to Drogba. I have even thought of  putting out an on-line petition to get him to clean up his act and sport a more dignified look. A married man of 34 should not -- and maybe, should not be allowed to -- sport a ridiculous hairstyle that went out of fashion about 20 years ago. How would people feel if some public-figure started to go around in bell-bottoms and platform-shoes (see below) from 35 years ago? Think about it.