Thursday, February 12, 2009

G.N.U Tips

Oh yes indeed, there is a venal cabal of Zanu hardliners who have no intention of ever seeing this Unity Govt succeed. They will do whatever it takes to derail this GNU. If I were some of the main opposition players I would take packed lunches to work and avoid the sumptuous buffets being offered in the "Chef's" cafeterias. When possible, please use public transport - E.Ts & taxis.

Those who insist on using Ministerial Mercs must always check their tires (and brakes) before they depart. And if you have to drive to your rural homestead, avoid using rural side roads and dirt tracks; stick to the main roads (whatever the condition they're in). And finally: I'll advise against night-time travel at this critical moment in time, for things tend to go BUMP in the night. Whatever needs to be discussed at night can always be discussed during the day.