Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Our Turn To Eat

Just read the book by Michaela Wrong, "It's our turn to eat". What a great book. Michaela Wrong is a great wordsmith, and she knows her Africa. She doesn't spout useless cliches like some other "experts" on Africa. The main character in all of this, John Githongo, had the guts to take on the whole, corrupt, Kenyan establishment. I wish there were more Africans like him. The man has got b***s!

It's good to know that Ndugu Githongo is still alive-and-well, still in the fight against corruption. In the book, Michaela Wrong describes how some of Githongo's ex-workmates traveled to London to try to get him to drop his endeavours and return to the fold. At least the Kenyan establishment still has some decency; they don't kill all of their enemies, unlike their cousins in Zimbabwe.