Saturday, August 30, 2008

Italy's Colonial Debt To Libya

OK, let's peer through this story with a microscope and see what we find. Libya has Africa's 2nd highest reserves of oil & gas after Nigeria. The too-clever-by-half Italians know exactly what they're doing. They need to secure their future supplies of oil and gas. They know that the French, the Americans, the Russians and the good 'ol Brits are fishing in the same waters and will beat a path to Ghaddafi's tent in a jiffy, looking to lock up Libya's oil & Gas.

Now, let's move on. The Italians will pour $5 billion into Libya, and I can guarantee you that Italian companies will be at the front of the line in getting all those contracts that come out of this endeavour. Of that $5 billion, $25 billion will return to Italy in the form of (excess) profits, and value-added returns.

And finally, at the bottom of the story, you'll read that "our Condi" Rice will pay a visit to Libya soon. Alas, she too must take care of America's economic interests. Don't expect her to weep into her Chanel bag over Libya's colonial suffering; she'll do no such thing. She's there to appease the Libyan government so that U.S oil companies (and big business) can move into Libya un-hindered. So, those of you who were wiping away tears of gratitude that a colonial debt is being re-paid, can now put away your hand-kerchiefs, and stop sobbing. This "deal" is about big business and national interests. It has got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Italy's past wrong-doing in Libya.

I Thank You
James Chikonamombe


Joshua said...

You ignore one simple fact in the history of Libya which also applies to North Africa in general. Like the san people of Africa the Berbers were displaced by Arab migrations. Like the white colonisers of sub-Saharan Africa the Arabs are the same breed of coloniser with the exception of language the Berbers were able to be absorbed as Arabs because they 'look' similar. Read more here for starters:

James Chikonamombe said...

That's got nothing to do with the price of tea in China. You're wandering.