Thursday, June 28, 2012

Anita Baker: Black Don't Crack!

My suggestive heading above alludes to the ageless beauty of Black women. The 80s soul-singer, Anita Baker, is still as beautiful as she was twenty years ago. Her voice is as angelic as ever. Last Sunday (24th of June) I happen to have attended a concert at the Stern Grove musical festival with Anita Baker as the main draw. Boy, oh boy, did she not disappoint!

Let me tell any reader that I've been to many concerts given by 80s musicians, where I wish I could have had my money back. Some of the musicians looked 'beaten down" by life, whilst others were simply studio musicians who could not deliver on the live stage. But not Anita! She started off with "Same 'Ole Love" and then proceeded to "Good Love" and "Angel" and by the time she belted out "Watch Your Step" she had the crowd mesmerized and begging for more!

There's no better feeling on this Earth than listening to a musician pouring out her soul, as she belts out a classic tune from days gone by. This is what life is all about, and not the proverbial bills/rat-race fandango that most people get caught up in. Once again, Anita Baker: I salute thee, oh beautiful one with the angelic voice. You made my day, and brought back sweet memories.

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