Sunday, June 1, 2008

Strategic Retreat

Now is the time for Zanu-pf to make a strategic retreat and – if they lose the upcoming Presidential run-off – concede defeat graciously to the winning party. You see, what we’re up against is just too big to defeat. We’re not fighting Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC. No, they’re just bit players. We’re really fighting global capital, corporate interests, The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderburg Group, The British Establishment and their allies in the West. Zimbabwe is too small a country to fend them off any longer.

They said that WE WILL SCREAM! And yes, scream we have! Oh yes indeed. The “silent sanctions" applied against Zimbabwe (and the gross incompetence of top govt officials) have reduced Zimbabwe to penury. Like in cricket, let’s now play for a draw – so that we can live to fight another day. It’s now imperative that another party be allowed to form a new govt - or at the minimum, a govt of national unity.The skilled millions of Zimbabweans living overseas will not return unless there is a move towards renewal in Zimbabwe. And IT’S THE PEOPLE of a country (especially the skilled) who always produce its prosperity, and not the resources that are located in that country. Africans always say that “we have diamonds, oil, copper etc” And, so what? Crude oil isjust black muck in the ground until skilled engineers lift it out of the ground and turn it into jet-fuel and diesel. A diamond is nothing but a shiny stone to someone who does not know how to cut-and-polish that diamond. Any battle-field commander will tell Zanu-pf to withdraw from the field right now; mass suicide is not an option. Just as Nkrumah was fighting for the whole of Africa, and not just Ghana, so RGM and Zanu-pf are fighting for Africa’s destiny.

Fighting to the death is silly; we’re Africans and we don't do that. Strategic withdrawal is imperative right now. Let’s pull back a little so that we can live to fight another day. We in Zimbabwe can consolidate our gains in education, Land-Reform, ethnic and racial harmony, to move things forward once the dust settles.

James Chikonamombe

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