Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not Invited To A Banquet In Our Honour!

We cannot even get invited to a banquet in our honour. They probably discussed Africa between the 6th and 7th courses (between the white asparagus and the truffle soup), and yet the Presidents of Senegal, Tanzania and Ethiopia were not even invited to the epic, 8-course meal being served to other dignitaries. Maybe they thought that President Zenawi would slurp in his soup, and President Kikwete would not know how to handle a knife-and-fork. Why do African Presidents even bother showing up to these meetings? It's embarrassing. Two days ago, they had the Presidents of six African leaders lined up in Hokkaido -like clowns - ostensibly to talk about aid; and yet the "aid" once pledged, never actually arrives. If it does come it's in dribs-and-drabs, and with horrendous strings attached. At the most, the African nations should let either Nigeria or South Africa represent the continent at these meetings. At least they have enough clout to be respected.

James Chikonamombe

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